How to Register

Registering your details on the site is really easy!

Firstly, you need to click on the button 'Register' at the top left corner of the Home page.

This will then take you through your log in details and a series of questions where you can detail your personal information such as address and telephone numbers as well as your salary requirements and notice.

You will then get an option to select the type of role you are looking for. If you wish to be considered for more than one type of role, for example you are an HR Consultant but you are also keen to be considered for an HR Business Partner role all you need to do is tick the relevant buttons. It is fine to tick more than one type if you feel it is applicable to you. 

Most candidates fall into the HR Generalist field and you will see there is a range of job titles that fall under this heading so please just select the ones that apply to your own level of experience. Equally Syme Drummond is aware that many HR Generalists will specialise in particular areas of expertise so there is the option to select those skills within the choices so again if you feel you are an HR Generalist operating at Consultant level who has a particular strength in OD for example, just tick the box that says HR Generalist, the box that says HR Consultant and also the box that says Strength in Organisational Development. You can tick as many boxes that you feel are applicable to your skills and preferences.

There is also an option to select the Industry sector you work in. Please tick your CURRENT Industry sector and if you have additional Industry sector experience there is an option to tick the box, 'also interested in' where you can tick any other industries you have worked in.

If you have any questions regarding the Registration process please just contact Syme Drummond.